The Natural Confectionery Co.

  • The Natural Confectionery Co.

    Are you into soft and juicy jelly Dinosaurs? Maybe it’s Squirms that make your tongue tingle?

    At The Natural Confectionery Co. we make a delicious range of sweet, sour and soft jellies and chews with no artificial colours or flavours so you feel better to enjoy them.


    The company began as Sunrise Confectioners back in 1941 in Australia and was founded by Julius Lighton and his two son-in-laws, Walter Eger and Rudi Moser. They were passionate about providing mouth-watering lollies that were also affordable. Later on, they saw a need for a range of lollies that were better for you than the rest, and developed a range of sweets with no artificial colours or flavours.


    A lot of magic happens at The Natural Confectionery Co. After all, this is the place where snakes are made (and quite a few are eaten) and dinosaurs still exist.  We believe that the best kind of fun is the kind that you create yourself… Imagination + Anything = Fun for Everyone!

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